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Home mobile Use your old Android Device on home network

Use your old Android Device on home network

Published on April 30, 2012 by in mobile

Have an old android device or blackberry phone kicking around? we all do.  Here’s what I’ve done:

1.  Took my old HTC Incredible and turned it into a mini music player for my home.

  • Wipe it by going to factory reset in the settings –> storage area
  • when it comes back up keep doing the activation call (let it fail a few times) and it will bring you to the home screen
  • Setup the device on your wireless network
  • Add a google account or setup a new one
  • Install the system update and go to the Google Play Store (market) and download Google Music Player
  • BAM – now you can keep this near your stereo and just plugin to listen to all your music or take with you
  • Pop in an SD card and you can copy over MP3’s for a music player on the go

2.   Took my old Blackberry Curve and made it a white noise player for my kids

  • bought a great rain on the river MP3
  • Wiped the Blackberry curve through options –> security —> security wipe
  • Setup on wireless
  • Copied over the MP3
  • Now I have a portable, battery powered white noise player
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