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Home computer Intel’s Wi-Fi adapters connectivity issues continue

Intel’s Wi-Fi adapters connectivity issues continue

Published on September 11, 2013 by in computer


Link: http://www.neowin.net/news/intels-wi-fi-adapters-connectivity-issues-continue


The Windows 7/8 disconnection errors appearing with Intel Centrino 6230/6235 adapters are still a problem area, and users are becoming increasingly annoyed with the way Intel are handling the issue.

Sadly, despite even more new driver updates released over the past couple of months, Intel still hasn’t got to the bottom of what is causing users to be disconnected from their networks. To make matters worse, users who complain about the fault are now seeing their Intel forum accounts removed.

A number of users have contacted us since our original story went live to tell us that their accounts have been disabled; funnily enough, the posts I had previously made about the issue on their forum have also been removed, and my account deleted too.

What happens for most users, is that when they first buy their new laptops, they will immediately connect to their wireless network; then usually within an hour of use, connection is lost. Reconnecting will sometimes say that the network does not exist, switching the Wi-Fi off and then on again will usually reconnect you, but users can expect the same thing to occur a few hours later.

This is most apparent when either downloading large files at high speed, or when playing online games; disconnections or long sections of lagging will become the norm for many Centrino owners.

Neowin reader Johnny B contacted us to say that he has received the following information from Intel support on the matter recently:

Hello Mr. xxxx,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re continuing to have issues with your Intel wireless networking card.  I’ve spoken to one of our product engineers regarding this issue and was told that there are two upcoming software releases (one within the next couple of weeks and then a follow-on within the next 6 weeks) that should help to resolve a large number of the issues that you are experiencing.

When they are available, you will be able to download these updates from http://downloadcenter.intel.com

Again, let me apologize for the trouble that this has caused you.  Our engineers are acutely aware of the impact that these issue have and are diligently working to improve the experience you have with Intel products.

Thank you,

Ron Raymond
Support Manager
Intel Customer Support

For those of you who are still having issues with the latest Intel drivers, you can revert back to Microsoft’s own driver set by selecting your Centrino adapter in Device Manager, and then uninstalling the driver and selecting the option to remove the driver files too; rebooting your PC should then automatically set you up with stable drivers.

These are the drivers you want.

The only other way to get stability, is to go to the advanced section of the Centrino adapter in Device Manager and disable the 802.11n mode, something most of us don’t want to do for speed reasons.

The latest Intel Centrino drivers were released three days ago and the issues still seem to be apparent, but it would be great to hear from any users who have finally got a working network at last.

So once again, we are back where we started, the issue has been ongoing for a year now for thousands of users suffering disconnections, and despite Intel’s assurances that their next software release will fix it (as they said about their last three releases) it doesn’t look any closer to being resolved.


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