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Home server Exchange 2007 Recovery – Recovery Storage Group – Corruption – Dirty Shutdown

Exchange 2007 Recovery – Recovery Storage Group – Corruption – Dirty Shutdown

Published on October 31, 2014 by in server

– dirty shutdown of .edb

– non victimized recovery of exchange server
– esetutil /ml of log file folder show all headers of logs to replayed intacts
– eseutil mh shows dirty shutdown
relevant powershell or admin prompts commands:
Eseutil /mh “D:\Program Files\Exchange\database\RSG20110601135953\mailbox database.edb”
Eseutil /ml “D:\Program Files\Exchange”
Eseutil /ml “D:\Program Files\Exchange\E0000074A00.log”
eseutil /ml E00
ESEUTIL /R E00 /l “D:\Program Files\Exchange” /d “D:\Program Files\Exchange\database\RSG20110601135953\mailbox database.edb” /a /i
other links:
helpful note: can’t hurt to copy your good logs into various directories you think might help with the recovery. depending on a few factors it will try to replay logs if they are there, give it every opportunity.  START early – takes a long time to move, copy and prep data. Then recover and move it around again
example of a healthy pre-swap dial-tone and recovered first storage group
Inline image 1

order of recovery steps IMPORTANT:
as soon as you find out its dirty, stop all services, rename the storage group folder the .edb file is in and mount the database creating a dialtone temp database – let people work in outlook with new mail
1) identify shutdown state (clean vs dirty)
2) if dirty and you have a backup and clean logs to replay don’t bother with a repair (/p) time and resource intensive
3) clear space on exchange partition to accommodate 110% of database size
4) restore from backup into a folder you create
5) in recovery folder with .env file copy the good log files form the dirty databaes in to be replayed
6) on the backup check the last 2 options (logs and mount after recovery)
7) now create a RSG in exchange 2007 tools, it will give you directory. when the group is created, move the recovered .edb into the folder
8) run the merge/copy wizard in exchange 2007 and swap databases,
9) close outlook on client machines re-open to success
more notes and screesnhots:
Inline image 2

ignore repairs and soft recoveries
Inline image 3

finding the dirty shutdown
Inline image 4

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