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MoonRivers Media is the professional services firm that runs this blog.  We are a family owned business based in New Hampshire and offer an array of technology solutions serving our clients onsite in New England & remotely nationwide. Be Sure to register at our HelpDeskand stay connected to your one-top-shop for all things IT.

MRM can handle ALL your technology needs OR supplement your existing IT staff. We will create a customized IT Outsourcing package to meet your technology needs. Sign up for one of our IT Outsourcing Packages and receive our full product and service offering. For more pricing information and a custom quote, please contact us. As part of our regular monthly visits (1-4 times per month) OR remote support only package we provide and maintain your servers, network, PC’s, website, email and phone system.

As your one-stop shop for ALL things tech.  We can:

    1. Design and implement a new small business network OR upgrade and manage your existing one.
    2. We can Implement, configure or manage your existing email service or server.
    3. Through our partner we deploy and manage a new low-cost/feature-rich VOIP phone system.
    4. With onsite and remote support we can provide, fix and manage all your on-site and cloud servers.
    5. After our initial IT audit we can identify the ideal backup and disaster recovery strategy for your company.
    6. Through our Partner Walnut Hill Design we can implement and manage custom applications for your intranet or website.
    7. Our team will work with you to create and manage your monthly marketing email campaigns.
    8. With our state-of-the-art webservers we can manage, update and host your website and domain.

But instead of just listing out what we do, allow us to elaborate on exactly how this relationship can work.  Let us describe how OUR business model differs from the rest of the pack and aligns our interests with yours.

Let’s Partner

You heard us.  We want a relationship.  Here’s what we propose:
  1. Let’s meet and see if we like each other.
  2. Call our references, ask us the tough questions and make sure you believe that we will save you money and provide the best IT support and services you’ve ever had.
  3. Once partners, we’ll visit and conduct a simple audit of your existing infrastructure, user-base and future plans.
  4. Most of our small business clients are on a fixed fee model so there are no surprises or big bills at the end of the month. We never want you or your employees to hesitate when asking for help – there is no ticking clock when we work for you.
  5. We strive to save you money and provide you with around-the-clock support and proactive maintenance of your PC’s and servers.
  6. Our goal is to get your tech environment in tip-top shape so you have NO problems and a dependable working technology infrastructure. We strive to keep it that way because —> less problems for you + less work for us = profitable business and a happy customer.  We can revisit and tweak our contract at anytime to make sure it fits the workload and expectation.
  7. If you have a server problem or a laptop crashes, we’ll be there to handle it with the utmost expediency and efficiency.
  8. If at anytime you opt out, we can work with your tech provider to hand the keys back over. Right before we sign the contract we’ll give you a step-by-step, easy to read procedure showing you how to stay in control and take back control whenever (if ever!) you choose to do so.

Too busy to meet in person? We understand.  We can provide you with an initial quote, references and everything you need to make an informed decision about your IT services. The math is simple and the results speak for themselves, just ask ALL of our clients.

Ok, we are done trying to sell you now.  If you are still reading, here is where we tell you exactly how we proceed once we’re hitched:
  1. Information Exchange:  We’ll setup all of your users in our 24/7 staffed helpdesk and install our remote control applications on your servers and computers.  When you need help, just submit a ticket, give us the green light to take control and you will see the ghost take over the machine.  We can install software, work on your computer in “safe mode” remotely to remove infections, and show you how to use a piece of software.  We can remote into your servers and install updates, configure applications, add new users, you name it.  We do all the server maintenance on evenings and weekends so when reboots or configurations are needed, it never interferes with your work.  We’ll have you share with us logins for servers, networks, routers, domain management and web hosting.
  2. Domain Management: With this information we can make the necessary changes to switch you over to our web server and host your website. We’ll provide you with a new website hosting account plan and give you the credentials.  We can then easily manage and update your website, change the flow of your email and make any necessary DNS changes.
  3. The terms above are annoying:  We know.  Think of this way… the registrar (network solutions, godaddy, namecheap) is the place you BUY your domain name and the settings you configure here control how that domain name looks and acts on the internet.  It’s your home’s location on a map and tells others how to get your house.  The web-host is the land your home is on and your home is your website.  You decorate and fix it up, invite your friends over and have parties.  Your family is your business and and internal network. We will manage and maintain ALL of this for you as your 24/7 handyman, insurer, therapist and contractor.
  4. The end result: We have access to your PC’s (with your permission, you will always be able to see when we are on), company servers, domain and web hosting so we can take care of every need.  Decided you want to bring an IT person in-house full time? Found a better solution? Just uninstall our apps, change your passwords and transfer your website to the new people.

A Day In The Life:  A few real life/work scenarios:

Issue: You submit a support ticket that a new user/employee is starting and you need a network account, email address and computer setup.

Solution: We’re on it.  We remote into your server (or possibly google apps account) and setup the new user on the network with appropriate permissions.  We will have provided you with new user setup forms so you can just submit the form and we’ll know who they are and what they need access to.  We create a login and password for the network and setup the email account.  If you have a computer, we’ll remote into that and add the user and setup the email and printers.

Issue: Don’t have a computer?

Solution: We’ll help you purchase one and then either pop-in to the office or do a remote install.

Issue: You submit a ticket asking us to look at an infection on a PC.

Solution: We remote in and re-start the computer in safe mode with networking and go to work removing it.  We reboot and have your user test it.  Still no good? We’ll come get the computer, fix it overnight and have it back in the morning. Doubt we can offer that level of service? Just ask any of our clients.

Issue: Updates need to be installed on your server at the week’s end.

Solution: We email you telling you over the weekend we will be installing updates on a server and rebooting.  We’ll do our thing, alert the troops (in case anyone is working) and do our reboot.

Issue: You submit a ticket asking us to take down a part of the website and add some new content.

Solution: Done.  Your website is on our server, we’re familiar with it already and get to these things quickly and efficiently for you


How Much Does It All Cost? 

On to everyone’s favorite part.. how much does all this cost?  Maybe you’ve been in a relationship like this before and it didn’t work out.  You would ask for an update to your website or email support for some help only to receive an unexpected bill.  After we sit down and go over your network setup, the number of users and the kind of support you need, we’ll figure it out together.  We won’t tell you it costs ” X” an hour, just call us when you need us.  Here are some examples:

Plan A: Remote only, Time and Materials:  Very simple and traditional.  You don’t have that many needs.. you are a small shop of tech saavy people or a solo enterprise.  Just submit the ticket, we’ll estimate the work and get it done.  We’ll send the bill and you can pay at the end of the month.  And you can pay with credit card.. we want to help preserve your cash flow, we know how important it is.  The bottom line here is that we’re flexible.

Plan B: 1 Visit per month + Remote Support:  Let’s spend some time together – after all we’re family.  We’ll setup a visit with you each month and plan ahead what we want to get done during the day.  We can use that time to setup a new server (no we won’t charge some ridiculous fee, let’s just use the time we already have scheduled), setup and configure new PC’s, update your website together, create and send your monthly mailing campaign. Maybe we can have lunch, talk about new trends in tech, show off all our new gadgets and help you configure yours.  Does your home PC have an infection? Kids get infected from Facebook? Bring it in and we’ll fix it and get you secured and your home PC working like a well oiled machine.  We’ll plan the future!  All of these plans come with remote support 24/7.  We’ll be there when you need us.  If we spend a huge amount of time doing remote support one month, we make adjustments so that it all evens out.  Slow month all around? We’ll still come in – perhaps start something new like getting that email marketing campaign off the ground or test a disaster recovery plan and make sure everything is backed up and protected.

Plan C: 2 Vists per month –> 3 visits per week + Remote support:  You need the support of a part-time tech person, or maybe even full time.  We can be your IT department.  Some of our clients pay us the equivalent of one full-time intermediate network administrator.  BUT they get access to multiple talents, a senior level tech onsite, plus night and weekend support – more than they could ever dream of from one salaried employee.

None of the Above?  The package we create is tailored specifically to you and we’ll make sure it works for both of us.  We are a family owned and run business and we use that mentality when forming relationships with our clients.  We believe this makes us unique in this industry.

Get In Touch 

Ask mark@moonrivers.com for more information, references or any question you might have. Email melissa@moonrivers.com for questions about contracts, how we bill or accepting credit cards.  Ping mike@moonrivers.com and ask him to send you more information or help you with a problem.  Submit a ticket to our helpdesk by sending an email to help@moonrivers.com and test the waters.  We’ll get back to you on-the-house and you can tell us what you think of our process and service.  We are all part of the Gallagher family and we’re here to help support all things tech for you and your business.